Instructors / Video's / Bio's

Below you will find:Drew Mitchell- Dance Director, Robert Campos, Cassy Dunning, Olivia Burnsed, Hannah Meyer, Mike Carringer and Rob I. We will also have Jesse Dickson and Lannie Sullivan on a regular basis in 2018. Other visiting instructors to be announced. 

Andrew Mitchell


Andrew "Drew" Mitchell is our current Dance Director

Drew Mitchell has been a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer since 2010. He has an extensive background in partner dancing in Ballroom, Latin, Country Western, and of course West 

Coast Swing. In 2015 Drew decided to shift his main focus to West Coast Swing in his pursuit of becoming a champion. Drew strives to be a leader and role model in the local, and dance community as a whole.   Drew hosts his own classes at Scootin' Boots in Mesa on Monday nights.   

Olivia Burnsed


Olivia Burnsed


Olivia recently relocated to Phoenix from Atlanta. We were lucky enough to have her come to the club a few months ago to help Robert Campos teach.  

Before moving here, she taught in Atlanta 2 to 3 times a week at their Swing Dancers Club and other places as well. Olivia has trained with the Swing Literacy Development Method under Myles and Tessa Monroe. Olivia is o 

ne of the organizers for the newcomer track for Atlanta Swing Classic.  

She loves leading and following, but her true passion is teaching.  She employs many of the same engineering strategies to break down difficult concepts in west coast swing as she does in teaching Biomedical Engineering at ASU (her day job). Olivia is excited to cheer you on and share her passion for teaching, dancing, and building our dance community!

Cassy Dunning


Cassandra Dunning

At the age of 15 years old, Cassy discovered her fierce love and passion for West Coast Swing Dancing. As a die hard “westie”, she has been dancing ever since. Competing nationally at the All-Star level, she prides herself on musicality and quality of movement.

Currently, as a full-time West Coast Swing Dance Instructor, she continues to share her passion and love of dance with all those interested in connecting with the music and creating a dance connection with others.

In addition to teaching for our club at Fatcat Ballroom, Cassy teaches at Scootin Boots in Mesa.

Robert Campos


Robert is a 5 time Grand Champion in the U.C.W.D.C. Country circuit and  has won many other dance competitions throughout his career.   Robert  has over 25 years of teaching experience which includes: West Coast Swing, Ballroom and Country.

If you are interested in private lessons with Robert contact him:
                       West Coast Swing Academy

Jesse Dickson & Lannie Sullivan


Jesse Dickson & Lannie Sullivan


Jesse Dickson and Lannie Sullivan are professional swing dancers based in Tucson, Arizona. In November of 2016 they debuted their first west coast swing routine "Goodbye My Lover" at The Open, finishing in 8th place.  Since their debut they have traveled the country together, consistently placing and winning in the Classic Division as well as Jack and Jills and Strictly Swing events.  
Jesse and Lannie are proud to share their combined experiences as artists and technicians of dance with audiences and students everywhere they go. As educators they aim to always share everything they know so that this fantastic dance can keep evolving.

Mike Carringer


Mike Carringer

Mike  began country dancing in 2011. Shortly after, he discovered West Coast  Swing and has immersed himself into studying it. He brings a fun and  exciting energy on and off the dance floor. With a teaching style that  focuses on proper body mechanics and natural motion within the body, he  is an accomplished West Coast Swing dancer; winning Rising Star, NASDE  AllStar Tour in 2015, and placed 6th place on the NASDE professional  circuit in 2017. In addition, he choreographs Rising Star, ProAm, and  Junior Routines. He now competes at the Champion level and in NASDE  Showcase division.

Randy Odish


Randy Odish

    Originally from Detroit, Michigan but raised in Tempe, AZ his entire life, Mr. Odish began his dance journey when a friend showed him a simple dance pattern used locally in the “country swing” community. Fast forward several months of dancing daily — a friend showed him a West Coast Swing Champions Jack & Jill video on YouTube. The hook had found its mark. Since that day, Mr. Odish has been studying West Coast Swing (WCS) daily, initially working with Robert Campos, then Champions Michael and Amber Cross, then was under the guidance of Laurie Schwimmer. He’s currently ranked as an Advanced WCS dancer by the World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) and has competed domestically & internationally at WCS events. He recently debuted his Rising Star Routine at the 2016 US Open. Randy intends to continue learning and improving his WCS, competing regularly throughout the year, and has started his own dance night called Valley of the Swingin’ Sun to spread the dance and beyond! Eventually, Randy’s ultimate goal would to bring WCS to local school districts as a permanent option to teach during PE class. Off the dance floor, Randy is a full-time employed aerospace engineer, enjoys playing his piano & singing, reading, and practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Arizona State University Tempe, AZ, U.S.A.Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, May 2011 Glendale Community College Glendale, AZ, U.S.A.Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)May 2013 


  • Advanced West Coast Swing Dancer – WSDC #12714
  •  Taught 5 hr workshop in Sydney Australia & DJed for 2 nights – via invitation
  •  Debut Rising Star routine at 2016 US Open. 
  •   Hosted Wednesday WCS practice nights at Paragon for approximately 6 months.
  •   Founder/Owner/Instructor of Valley of the Swingin’ Sun (VSS) – West Coast Swing   Dance Nights

Hannah Meyer


College  Student, Entrepreneur, Dancer, Mentor and  Competitor, Hannah competes at conventions  across the country. (a few from this year)

2017-2nd Place  Allstar J&J Swingtime in the Rockies CO

2017- 1st place J&J Jack & Jill O'Rama CA

2017- 1st place J&J SwingDiego CA

At  age 15, Hannah began teaching creative movement classes to girls ages  2-14 in a room converted to a dance studio at her parents’ house. Her  students have performed in multiple AZ State Fairs, Parades, and  Recitals. For this feat at such a young age, Hannah won the 2015  National Federation of Independent Businesses Young Entrepreneur Award  for Arizona. 

This  passion for dance brought Hannah to study West Coast Swing intensively.  She competes in the Champions division, the NASDE Showcase division, and placed 6th place on the NASDE professional circuit in 2017. In addition, she works with youth dancers (Let's Swing AZ), building and teaching young dancers.

Hannah  is known for her friendly, kind-hearted spirit to everyone. Her unique  dance style is recognized by her technique, her footwork, and her  ability to emphasize teamwork.

Mona Brandt


Owner of Shall We Dance

Her company is dedicated to teach dance in a way that is  fun and easy  for everyone. We teach: West Coast Swing,  Ballroom,  Latin, Swing, Salsa, Country and Line Dance.

A few of Mona's Awards:

2011 UCWDC World Showcase Couples Grand Champion 2006 UCWDC World Showcase Line Grand Champion 2005 UCWDC World Line Grand Champion 

2004 and 2006 Star Award Winner, Favorite Couple of the Year 

Reach her for private lessons:

Rob "I"


Rob Ingenthron

Rob began line dancing in the early '90's.  He soon decided to compete entering the UCWDC Country couples and line dancing competitions. He moved to the "Superstar" division winning a world championship in line dance choreography. One of his dances was selected for official UCWDC competition. The mid '90's found his focus shift to West Coast Swing gaining Champion status. Rob brings unusual styling to his WCS, an influence from hip hop days. Rob's mantra-It's just dancing and it should be fun!

Rob definitely makes it look fun. If you missed his 2nd place dance with Florie Adams at the Phoenix 4th of July 2018, you really missed something.