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Non Profit Swing Dance Club Founded 1981 Where Legends are made

Non Profit Swing Dance Club Founded 1981 Where Legends are made

Non Profit Swing Dance Club Founded 1981 Where Legends are made Non Profit Swing Dance Club Founded 1981 Where Legends are made

Welcome to The Phoenix Fourth of July!

Did you know that 2020 is the 39th Anniversary of the Phoenix 4th of July Convention? As one of the original West Coast Swing Convention, we strive to honor the traditions of where west coast swing originated and bridge to what it will become. Year after year, it continues to be “Where Legends are Made”. Held in a fabulous 5 star resort, the J.W. Marriott Camelback Inn, which graces the base of beautiful Mummy Mountain in Paradise Valley and is the first choice for a luxury resort. They completed the all new Paradise Ballroom. This is where the main events took place in 2019. Comments included, "It was the best ballroom with the best vibe I've seen."

Top champions join together to teach, compete, entertain and amaze us. The YASDA program offers great opportunities to the junior dancers to learn from the best. We offer a fun learning environment for juniors while offering the best in late night dancing for the other dancers - lots of social dancing for everyone.

The highest standard of excellence is maintained by our dance competitors and judging panel for all our competitive divisions: Invitational Champion, Jack& Jill, and the ever-popular Strictly Swing. We are proud to be a WSDC event for 39 years - please join us!

This will be our 39th year!

This west coast swing dance convention is the oldest running convention in the country. For more about the event click the website below or go to the registration link for ticket informaiton. 


The J.W. Marriott is a 5 star resort. All the rooms are suites. Free parking.

Two Ballrooms. Arizona Ballroom and the newly finished Paradise Ballroom. plenty of areas to meet up and hang out with friends. between the ballrooms. 

24hour pool and Jacuzzi.

39th Annual Convention

Phoenix 4th of July has a rich history. It is the oldest west coast swing dance convention. It began in 1982 by the Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club. It quickly became 

"Where Legends are made". 

The 39th annual Phoenix 4th of July will be July 1 to 5, 2020.  Check the website for details. www.Phoenix4thofJuly.com The staff has a fun Convention planned. Top Champions, workshops, intensives, cocktail party, late night parties The talented instructors will have you dancing like a pro. 

Junior Program


The members and board of directors at the Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club make it part of our mission to provide safe, learning environments for our youth.  

We have workshops thoughout the year to help them learn. Most of these are free or a minimal fee. We have brought in Ben Morris, Demetre Souliotes, Kara Frenzel and will have Tashina Beckmann-King, Ben and Cameo McHenry. 

Phoenix 4th of July convention has a diverse youth/junior program

YASDA tour comes to our convention providing the juniors with lessons from top Champions

Juniors attend our weekly dances for free.

Convention Staff


Returning as MC is Robert Royston

Robert is internationally renowned for  bringing his wealth of knowledge, charisma, experience, and talent to any project in which he has a role.   

Robert has won everything possible in the world of Swing including several US Open swing titles. Robert is a Champion performer, instructor, choreographer. His west coast swing intensive is definitely not to be missed. Additionally he has won the Country World Championships five times. Robert has performed on Broadway and is one of the original creators of the Off Off Broadway hit Swango.

Always a crowd favorite, Robert continues to MC, compete and perform at competitions worldwide, his first love. 



Deborah Szekely

  Deborah Szekely “say kay” started dancing when she was 3 years old.  She is formally trained in ballet, tap and jazz since the age of 3. In 1995 she was introduced to WCS and became competing the next year. Deborah became partners with Robert Cordoba. In 1997. During their 15 years together they accumulated 4 more US Open Titles. Two in showcase and 2 in Sophisticated and a US Open Jack and Jill win for Deborah.  Deborah has 8 Grand National Titles. She is in Dallas Dance and California Swing Dance Hall of Famer. In 2014 she was Inducted into the National Living Legends of Dance. For the past 7 years Deborah has been traveling the circuit solo sharing her knowledge and passion for Dance. 


Benji Schwimmer

Benjamin "Benji" Daniel Schwimmer is an American professional dancer, choreographer and actor. On August 16, 2006 he was announced as the winner of the second season of So You Think You Can Dance


Jordan Frisbee & Tatianna Mollmann

Jordan & Tatiana have been partners since 2000, and are 11-Time US Open Classic Division Champions.  They also are multiple Grand National, NASDE and Classic Division Champions, and are the most winning dance couple in West Coast Swing. Their TV and movie appearances include "30 Seconds to Fame", "Star Search", "Good Morning America", "The Polar Express", and "Love N’ Dancing". They have earned a great reputation teaching all over the world as Certified Teachers for the Golden State Dance Teachers Association.  Their latest endeavor, JT Swing Teams, has created a new global community of dancers working together on a common goal to improve through choreography and gain exposure for West Coast Swing by performing in their local communities.  


Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake

As a partnership, they have been teaching, competing, performing, judging and choreographing all over the world for 12 years. They are the only couple to hold a US Open Swing Dance Championship title in both the “Showcase” and “Classic” Divisions.

This innovative couple love what they do and it shows every time they step on the floor.

They have performed 24 West Coast Swing Routines all over the world and are constantly driving to evolve style while strengthening technique.

Kyle and Sarah are best known for their ability to teach their innovative style while preserving the fundamental roots of West Coast Swing.


Laureen Baldovi

Dance, 1995-1998) and has won 8 US Open Swing titles in the Classic (1995), Superstar (1996, 1997), Showtime Invitational (1998), Teams (1993, 1994 & 1996), and Showcase (2003) Divisions. She retired from UCWDC competitions in 1999 and moved to New York City to dance in a Broadway show called ‘Swing!’ until 2001.

The California Swing Dance Hall of Fame awarded Laureen the Nova Star in 1998, the Rising Star in 2002, the Shining Star in 2016, and in 2014, she was induced into the World Swing Dance Council’s Hall of Fame. In January, 2015, the UCWDC inducted Laureen into their first Legends of Country Dance category, and in 2016, they inducted her into their Hall of Fame.


Stacy Kay & Hugo Miguez

We believe in community and how a tribe of confidence surrounding us can empower us to do things we never thought possible.

We believe in connection, the kind that allows you to feel someone’s heart, someone choices, someone's passion, through one subtle movement. In the waiting, an energy builds between two people and it’s building up to the incredible visual display of emotions that tells a story.

We Believe

the best dances happen when we hold nothing back and leave our hearts on the dance floor.

Benji Schwimmer & Nicole Clonch, US OPEN 2018

Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch performed this emotional performance. It is Benji's voice and word on the  recording. Benji announced it would be the last routine he would do in the Classic division at the US Open.Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch performed this emotional performance. It is Benji's voice and word on the  recording. Benji announced it would be the last routine he would do in the Classic division at the US Open.