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Non Profit Swing Dance Club Founded 1981 Where Legends are made

Non Profit Swing Dance Club Founded 1981 Where Legends are made

Non Profit Swing Dance Club Founded 1981 Where Legends are made Non Profit Swing Dance Club Founded 1981 Where Legends are made

The Past

Founded in 1981, The Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club (GPSDC) was formed  by a group of 10 passionate West Coast Swing Dancers. The club is a non-profit organization dedicated to: "The Preservation, Perfection, Progress and Promotion of West Coast Swing Dancing."   Members  from all over the  Phoenix Valley, Sedona, Tucson and Flagstaff who love to dance West Coast Swing. Join us for all our fun dances. They are open to  everyone interested in West Coast Swing.  No partner required. 

He Started the Jams

Kenny Wentzl 1990

2010 Champions dance

Ben Morris and Peggy Allen

Phoenix 4th of July 2018 - Champions

Jordan Frisbee and Larissa Tingle Schubert won 1st place in the Champions division.

Generational Strictly Swing Finals

Phoenix 4th of July Convention 2015

Past Jam

Check out this great video

2012 Jam

Jamming the night away!

2013 Jam

It wouldn't be swing without the Jam's!

2014 Jam

Phoenix 4th of July

2015 Jam

Started by Kenny Wentzel years ago it has become tradition for Mary Ann Nunez birthday dance. 

2016 Jam

This is a tradition with the Phoenix 4th of July convention. 

The Jam

Check out this great video

2017 Jam

Check out this great video

The Junior-Champion Jam

2017 Phoenix 4th of July Convention. We had a record 77 Juniors attend this event. Everyone was impressed with the level of these young dancers. MC-Robert Royston decided it was time to start a Jam with the Juniors dancing with a Champion dancer. 

2019 JAM

Every year we start out the JAM as party of celebration the Phoenix 4th of July tradition and Mary Ann Nunez's birthday. This is a long held tradition in  our 38 years. 

Hall of Fame

Rudy Paz - 2015


Rudy was the first member to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015. Rudy was a devoted member, still coming to the club until shortly before his death. Rudy was instrumental in using his many contacts for getting help for whatever the club needed. He served on the board in many positions for numerous years. 

Shirley Murray - 2016


The women have Shirley Murray to thank for teaching the men to be good dancers and even better leaders. Shirley also served the club for many years and the friendly person there to meet you at the door for many years. 

Bobbie Robinson - 2016


Bobbie Robinson has brought the entire family into the dance world. Her daughter Trudy, Joe Robinson and now granddaughter Peyton. Past President and still active when asked to serve. 

Carol Miller - 2016


Carol has been at the front desk for the club for many years. She has performed many duties as a member of the board. From Vice President to now Sargent at arms. Carol has been the mastermind behind the Christmas Party for many years. 

Don and Rosalie Dressler- 2016

Regarded as GPSDC sweethearts the Dresslers have been a club stable since the early years of the clu

Regarded as GPSDC sweethearts the Dresslers have been a club stable since the early years of the club. Don became President 

Mike Gallo - 2017


Mike Gallo, became a member after moving to Arizona from Sacramento. He was music director for many years and has served on the board in many capacities. He is currently membership chairperson. 

Joe Robinson - 2017


Joe was Music Director for many years. One year when the Phoenix 4th of July was about to begin he managed to get all the equipment down and set up the sound system, filling in for the DJ that had an accident coming in from out of town. 

Connie Bryant - 2017


Connie's husband was one of the first Presidents of the club. She served the club in assisting him and other members in numerous activities. 

Mike Godleski - 2017


Mike passed away before he could know he was honored. Mike was a board member serving as President, Sargent at Arms, helping with the Convention and anything that was needed for the club. He was often thought of as a Chief Ambassador by talking to anyone he knew about the club and getting them involved. 

Jim & Cathy Tigges 2018


Jim  & Cathy Tigges

Jim Tigges is known for being our head judge at the Phoenix 4th convention. He is much more than than. He and his wife Cathy were very active with the club and also ran the convention successfully for several years. He continues to support the club and we appreciate his expertise. 

Ken Trinosky 2018


Ken Trinosky

Ken taught the beginning lesson at the club for many years. This was all volunteer. He is still a member and supports the club. 

Kenny Gegg 2018


Kenny Gegg

Standing with the blue shirt on. Other inductees are in the photo. Joe Robinson in the back. Shirley Murray and  Leonard Rachiele, son of Bob Preiss and Bobbie Robinson.

Leonard Rachiele 2018


Leonard Rachiele

Leonard has been a fixture of the club for many years. He has also supported our instructors by attending their private lessons. Leonard is also the first to donate for our Juniors or help with hospitality. He is known for always bring the pie. 

We appreciate all he has done for the club. 

Bob Preiss 2018


Bob Preiss

His son was there to represent him. Bob passed away several years before. 

Bob was know as the party organizer. Everywhere he went there was a party. He organized tables of dancers to go to other conventions and support the dance community. He was honored at the San Diego Swing convention for being a major part of their success. 

Trudi Robinson 2019


Trudi Robinson

Trudi is shown here with her brother Joe Robinson. He was inducted in 2017 and her Mother Bobbi in 2016. Trudi helped in many ways during the years. She was active at the convention and had been hospitality chairperson at the club. She like the rest of the family devoted their time to help the club grow and the convention be successful.

Pat Fields 2019

Pat Fields 
Pat has been a past president

Pat Fields-Pavlatos

Pat has been a past President, Vice-President and is currently Hospitality chairperson. 

Pat has become known for teaching the juniors the right way. Many of her juniors improve from novice to advanced quickly. They are continually placing in competitions.

Butch Viola 2019


Butch is  our music man. He's been a member of the club the shortest amount of time but in that time he has become a valuable member of the board. As music director he is there every week with his own equipment overseeing the DJ's. 

Butch has set up our convention for many years, again supplementing the equipment with his own so we can have music in several ballrooms.